Enrolment & re-enrolment

Each Boy must be given the appropriate membership form upon joining and when re-enrolling at the beginning of each year. These forms are then to be kept by the Officer-In-Charge of the Section as part of the Boys’ records and the information should be available for every Brigade event. When issued, the enrolment form should be accompanied by some basic information about BB. This could be in a form of an initial kit: brochure to parents, welcome certificate, details about your Company and the junior Section uniform, and the enrolment form.

Probationary Period

While there is no probationary period it is wise to allow a Boy to settle in for about six (6) weeks before his parents purchase the junoir Section uniform. This allows for a “settling in” period by which the Boy can decide whether The Boys’ Brigade is his choice of activity and the organisation to which he wishes to belong.
Uniforms are not cheap and this “settling in “ period prevents the waste that can be caused by a change of mind and heart in the early stages of joining. At the end of this period you may want to present the Boy with a Junior Boys’ handbook (and a Company handbook if your Company has one).

Membership Card

These cards are available in quantity from the State or Territorial Council Equipment Store. Membership Cards are usually presented by the Chaplain or Church Leadership Team in conjunction with the Enrollment Service. It is recommended that the Chaplain hands this out to the Boys straight after (or as part of) the service.

Boy’s History Form

At the time of enrolment, The O.I.C. should complete a “Boy’s History Form” which will record progress throughout the Boy’s years in The Boys’ Brigade. In the event of a Boy changing Company, his History Form is given to or mailed to his new O.I.C.


Sections in setting their fees should draw up a budget listing the National, State and Battalion affiliation fees, total cost of Achievement Badges the Boys could earn, costs of any other awards or prizes that will be awarded, activities that the Section will pay for or subsidise, postage, photocopying and administration costs, any other resources or equipment that is required for program activities or Company projects, and some
money put aside to subsidise any financially constrained members.
On the enrolment form make allowances for parents/ guardians to discuss with you the payment of fees, while still allowing you to collect the necessary information required on the Boy (if they aren’t able to pay at the moment).
Most companies allow Boys to pay either on a term by term basis, or get a discounted rate if the Boy pays for the whole year upfront. Be prompt in chasing outstanding payments however.

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