A program to help you develop meaningful activities for the Boys. A four-sided principle is followed throughout the whole movement and in all Sections, and is based on Luke, chapter 2 and verse 52, where we read that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man”. These four sides of a Boy’s development form the basis of the program and the Achievement Scheme requirements. The aims of the four sides are:

  • Spiritual [Christian Citizenship]:
    To encourage Boys to learn about the Christian faith, and to grow up to become responsible members of the community.
  • Physical [Healthy bodies]:
    To encourage a spirit of comradeship and allow individual Boys to develop their own particular physique through team games and individual games and activities. As the Boys grow older, more adventurous activities are introduced.
  • Educational [Active minds]:
    To teach something practical or artistic as an introduction to leisure time activities, e.g. craft work of all kinds, music, drama, etc.
  • Social [Respect & Community Service]:
    To encourage the Boys in progressive ways to gain knowledge about looking after himself and others, and then apply this in practical service to other people.

Planning your yearly program
At the end of the year or the beginning of the new year before the commencement of the First Term, the Section Staff should hold a planning meeting to discuss the objectives, the needs of the current members and local families, and possible broad range of activities that are appropriate to your local boys and setting.
When planning your program, it should:

  • Be Interesting:
    Boys should be interested and drawn to the program you’ve planned (creative). If possible be have a theme for the night. Above all YOU should be interested in what you are doing. At times assess the interest of the Boys and use as a basis for the activities you do. (Depending on the age range in your section)
  • Show Variation:
    Work different Officer combination on a rotation basis, and have occasional variety in the type and format of the night. Throw in a wild night here and there.
  • Be Relevant:
    To each age group and when necessary split into 8 & 9… 10 & 11.
  • Provide Incentive:
    Building incentive in your program will encourage the Boys to participate with greater keenness and concentration provided that the whole night doesn’t become one great competition. Incentives used should be able to be gained by any of the Boys present or, immediately, some Boys will lose interest.

Your yearly goals – be purpose-driven
Using the BBA Purpose Statement as a basis, identify the key Products you wish to concentrate on for the overall Section and then for the different year levels. In considering these you will want to consider any special needs of current members or those you wish to draw into the program.

Available skills and resources
If you haven’t already done so, identify the skills, interests and resources of current leaders as your starting point. Then consider those of church members and other ministries you are aware of.

Your yearly calendar
Use a yearly planner, like the planner provided on page 14. Enter in all school, public & other special holidays – shade or highlight them in the planner. This is particularly important to ensure any Achievement classes finish within term dates; certain achievements can be geared towards special holidays (eg Mother’s & Father’s Days).

Then using a different colour for each category, highlight and write in:

  • Local church events of relevance to the Section, Boys or families;
  • Your Company’s own special events (eg enrolment service, church parade, annual award display nights);
  • Section and Company planning meetings;
  • State, Territorial Group, & Battalions events of relevance (this is useful if you need to plan or practise for any competitions or special events).

These events above are detailed in the next chapter.
A program for the year’s activities should be prepared in outline form for the overall program and in detail for each of the terms. From there you can progress to the program for each night, where you get down to greater detail.