BBA Junior Handbook

The Handbook is a copy of The Boys’ Brigade Australia Junior Handbook.

  • AGE RANGE Boys who are of primary  school age may be admitted as members of the Junior Section.
  • AFFILIATION Junior Section will be integrated with the Company. They will operate as a Section under the supervision of the O.I.C., who reports directly to  the Captain of the Company.
    The Company of which the Junior Section is a part, must be officially connected with a Church, Mission or other Christian Organisation.
    The Church etc. must acknowledge that it is responsible for ensuring that the section operates in accordance with both the Church’s Constitution and the Boys’ Brigade Constitution.
  • PURPOSE The purpose of The Boys’ Brigade in Australia is to provide, in cooperation with the local church, a supportive Christian community for boys and young men to assist in their Christian growth, balanced personal development, and leadership training, and to assist the church reaching out into the community.
  • OBJECT The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness.
  • MOTTO “Sure and Stedfast” [Hebrews 6:19 King James Version]. Note the KJV spelling of ‘stedfast’ as opposed to its common usage of ‘steadfast’.

Guidelines Leaders Expectations, Requirements, Categories & Roles

Expectations of Leaders

  • Agree to follow the BBA Code of Conduct
  • Satisfy any training and other screening requirements for their role
  • Be a good Christian example in and out of BB
  • Regular church attendance and preferably a member of the local church
  • Be involved in additional continual Christian development (eg small group)
  • Attend all Parade nights and be punctual
  • Attend all Officer meetings
  • Attend non Parade night BB activities

Requirements of Leaders

  1. 18 Years of age or over.
  2. Appointed by the Church to which the Company and Section are attached. The individual should be known personally by one of the ministers of the Church and been interviewed by the Captain and the Minister regarding this role prior to appointment. Additionally some churches or States will require any applicant to consent to a police criminal check if they will have any direct contact with Boys.
  3. Registered as a Helper, Lieutenant, Warrant Officer or Staff Sergeant of the Boys’ Brigade. Only registered leaders are covered by the BBA Insurance Policy. Although the local church is responsible for the approval of any leaders to a local Brigade Company, the appointment of BB ‘Officers’ will be authorised by The Boys’ Brigade State or Territorial Council Executive on such terms as maybe determined from time to time.

Categories of leaders in BB:

  • OFFICER – Usually termed a Lieutenant. May be male or female, and has completed all training and other qualifications required to be an accredited Officer in BB. Accredited status usually needs to be refreshed every three years.
  • WARRANT OFFICER – An Officer in training. A person may hold this title only for two years.
  • HELPERS – Friends (male or female) preferably 18 years or over who have a good standing in the church community.

Officer roles in the Section:

  • CAPTAIN – A Lieutenant who oversees the whole Company.
  • OFFICER-IN-CHARGE – preferably a Lieutenant but a Warrant Officer may serve in this position. His/her title may be abbreviated to OIC Junior Section.
  • PARADE OFFICER – The Officer designated to take charge of a parade. The title may be abbreviated to PO.
  • GROUP OFFICER – Any Officer assigned to take charge of a Group (normally six to eight Boys). May be a Lieutenant or Warrant Officer, male or female. The Officer should take a personal interest in the members of the Group.