The Boys’ Brigade in your church

Here is some information that will empower you and your church to seek out if God is calling you to establish or to grow bb in your church as a ministry outreach for young people in your community.

What is Boys’ Brigade?

The Boys’ Brigade Australia is a non-denominational Christian uniformed organisation for school aged children and young people from ages 5 to 18 years.

The Brigade is about Advancing Christ’s Kingdom in the local community. With trained leaders utilising ‘well oiled’ programs as a tool to be able to discipline and mentor each person in their journey towards faith and then on towards Christian maturity.

Why BB?

BB is a proven Children’s and Youth ministry opportunity for any church and has huge outreach potential within your local community when the fun, adventurous and challenging program is run effectively by trained leaders.

While its structure has stood the test of time, its flexible methodology allows local groups to adapt BB principles to suit the kids in your community, your available resources, and the ethos and direction of your church community.

How does BB work in the local church?

The local Boys’ Brigade group (we call it a company) is commenced and maintained by the local church as an integral part of their Children’s and Youth ministry. As such it is ‘owned’ by the church and works best when it complements other children’s and youth work in the local church.

The Boys’ Brigade program has a Kingdom focus and seeks to engage with a lost generation in practical and experiential ways to hold them through the difficult teenage years, training them to be committed, skilled leaders in the church, their own family and in the community where they live.

This is a 14 year progressive developmental plan that involves kids when they start at school (at the earliest) and mentors them through some of the toughest times in their teens, helping them to find their place in the adult world by the time they finish the program at 18. They are then ready and equipped to raise the next generation in Children and Youth ministry or to work in other ministries of the church, and to take their place in society as an adult.

BB helps churches to make it happen by:

  • Partnering
  • Supporting
  • Engaging

Partnering with churches

For its part the Boys’ Brigade organisation partners with the local church to establish, grow and maintain a healthy vibrant company as an integral part of the church’s outreach ministry.

  • BB has developed Promotional material (brochures, postcards, videos, display posters etc) to help communicate the message to kids, parents and the wider community.
  • BB personnel are available to local churches for ministry enquiries at any time.
  • BB refers membership enquiries from the public to the local company contacts.

Supporting the Leaders

BB supports your volunteer leaders and pastors with:

  • Program resources
  • Leader training
  • Mentoring of new leaders
  • Connections with a network of other leaders across Australia

BB has young leader development programs for youth that can build a succession plan supporting company growth and long term sustainability.

Engaging Children and Young People

The Brigade network assists the local group to engage the children and young people of today with:

  • Vibrant programs and activities – with a ‘wow’ factor
  • Awards-based schemes that challenge, reward achievement, and encourage skills development
  • Encouragement to regularly participate in some form of Christian Education outside BB (eg Church Sunday School, Christian youth group or even Religious Education in school)
  • Opportunities for forming Christian social networks
  • Friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Contemporary and Classic style uniform options

What does a company look like?

Each Company has up to three sub-groups called sections. Each section seeks to cater to the specific developmental and social needs of the children within their age group. The sections are:

  • Anchors – (age 5 to 7 years – prep to year 2)
  • Juniors – (ages 8 to 12 – years 3 to 6)
  • Seniors – (ages 12 to 18 – years 7 to 12)

Each group is identified by changes in uniform such as a different shirt or a section crest.

Adult Leadership?

At least 2 trained leaders (called officers) are needed to maintain a company. While it’s a start, the best option is to develop a leader team that enables leaders to specialise in each section.

The team leader is called the Captain and needs to be, by both heritage and necessity, an adult male.  The Captain’s role is pivotal in building and sustaining both the leader team and the company.

Why a uniform?

The wearing of a uniform encourages a sense of community, group identity and esprit de corps as members are identifiable as part of something big. It also acts as a ‘leveller’ in that all are equal, regardless of the family’s socio-economic situation.

The uniform is designed to teach each person to have pride in themselves and their appearance from an early age.


Use the contact form to contact your state office and we will help you with any questions and to start putting together the nuts and bolts of a local Brigade ministry in your church.

Is there a Girls’ Brigade for girls?

Yes there is a Girls’ Brigade network across the country and we would be happy to come and talk with you together about starting both groups in your church.

Girls’ Brigade – By the way there is a The Girls’ Brigade for girls.