Company Special Events

Company Enrollment Church Service

An annual Enrollment Service should be held at the Church during which Officers and Boys will be enrolled.
For the leaders, it is sometimes referred to as a Commissioning Service. Boys joining later may be enrolled at a subsequent Church Parade. This is normally held about six weeks after the beginning of the Session to allow the recruits to settle into the Section. It should be conducted in the Church and, preferably, as part of a normal Worship Service. Remember to invite parents and friends, and civic dignitaries.

The following is a suggested plan (some Companies choose to have each Section stand and pledge individually) – the Officers and Boys will have to be prepared for their response prior to the service:
The Boys’ Brigade plays a vital role in our church as an effective ministry that seeks to reach out and develop further the personal and Christian growth of boys and young men within and outside our congregation. I ask all the leaders involved with the program to stand. Officers and helpers, will you continue to train the Boys in your care in line with God’s word, our Church’s mission statement, fulfill requirements asked of you, and be effective witnesses to the boys and their families.
Officers “I will.”
May God grant you grace to be faithful to your trust and crown your work with success. Thank you in advance for choosing to serve weekly throughout this year for our church. Please sit down.
Can I ask all the Boys involved in the program to stand up now. Will you endeavour to obey the rules of the Company and to set an example of good conduct to your friends and other Boys?
Boys “I will.”
Chaplain May God bless your involvement in BB, and may you experience all the riches He has set aside for you. Thank you for being involved. Please sit down. Membership cards will be handed out to you after the service. Let us pray.
(The Chaplain commits the whole Company to God in prayer.)

Other Church Parades

Depending on local arrangements, other church parades may be held monthly, quarterly or each term. There may be further recruits for enrollment, but it also permits the Company as a whole unit to meet and worship together with the Church family.

End of year Award and Display night

Each Section could hold their own Display, or you could have a Display for all Sections of your Company. In any case, it is a “shop window” of the work you have been doing. Again there are so many possibilities for such an event, but make it FIRST CLASS, as it can be a valuable recruiting opportunity as well as opportunities for parents to be proud of their sons involvement in BB.
During the night, it is very important to have a meaningful ceremony to transfer Boys from Anchor Boys to Junior Section, or from Juniors to Senior Section.
Some companies may hold mid-year as well as end of year events of this kind and sometimes jointly with the local Girls’ Brigade Company.

This is another opportunity to use your imagination incorporating speeches, skits, musical acts, skill demonstrations, etc. Having display items will allow the Company to tap into talents and gifts of the Boys and leaders that may not be noticed otherwise. You are also recommended to get around and see what other Companies are doing.

Parental involvement events

It is very important that the parents are aware of what their Boy is doing, and such evenings help to gain their interest and co-operation. So in addition to church parades and the Awards and Display nights, other activities that could be run to increase parental involvement are:

  • other nights to demonstrate the Section’s activities;
  • parent & boy’s or family events (family games nights, family outings to swimming, movies, etc);
  • a social evening to allow the Officers to meet the parents.

If possible, ensure that the Chaplain is present for such an evening. Parents can also be encouraged to turn up to just part of a night’s program. Some Companies run a supper on the last night of each term where the parents are welcome to join in.

Recruiting drives

DON’T BE SCARED OF THE NUMBER OF RECRUITS. A possible main source for new recruits will be the Day Schools and Sunday Schools in your district, but also strategically placed posters, static displays, or practical displays can assist your recruiting drive. An article could also be arranged with the local press.
Don’t be discouraged if these do not bring any immediate results, the purpose of advertising is to raise the awareness as well as increase familiarity of the product to the public. Boys and parents who have seen or heard about BB before, will be more likely to feel comfortable being involved later when asked to do so.
However, by far your best advertising medium is the HAPPY BOY who is already a member of your Company and tells his mates all about life in B.B. Some Companies have a scheme that operates throughout the year, where a Boy who brings a friend for the night receives a free can of drink or chocolate bar for his friend and himself.

Special nights

These nights can include: theme nights; sports night; indoor/outdoor games nights; board games nights; parents nights; scavenger hunt; sausage sizzle; cooking nights; and bring a friend night. Visits from doctors, St Johns members, dentists, police, and vets also are popular (especially if the guests are wearing their uniforms).


Don’t feel like you need to stay at the church all the time. Feel free to go to local parks, historical places of interests, etc. They can involve visits to the Fire Brigade, SES, Ambulance, Police station, Factories (Food, car, etc). Please ensure you know who is responsible for each Boy and only use responsible drivers if you go off Church grounds. A written consent form from parents/guardians should be obtained prior to the activity.
Activities can be held out of normal time (film, skating, swimming, bowling, roller skating, picnic, video afternoon or evening, amusement centre or fun park) and may involve the whole family.
Preparation and clear notices home to parents are vital.