The Achievement Scheme

In order to be better, you need to try to achieve things you haven’t been able to do before. The Juniors Achievement Scheme lets you earn badges for trying new things. If you look in your Bible at St Luke, Chapter 2, verse 52, you will find these words, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and Man.”

This is just the Bible’s way of telling how all Boys grow up. Growing up does not just mean getting taller — in fact there are four “Sides” to growing up:

Educationally—in wisdom
Physically—in stature
Spiritually—in favour with God
Socially—in favour with Man.

How does earning the various Awards in the Achievement Scheme help you on these four sides as you grow up?

Although you learn about and do many things at school, there is so much more you can learn and do outside. Some of these things you can learn in Brigade and you will gain achievements with both the things you learned at school and the things you learn in the Company. Educationally is about building up your mind and how to make it work better.

Taking part in team games such as football and cricket as well as in individual sports like athletics and swimming, help to strengthen your friendship with others as well as your body. You will be able to earn awards by taking part in outdoor sports and games of this kind as well as other physical activities and games played at your Section Meeting. You will be amazed how easy it will be to do a lot of things if you are fit and healthy than if you don’t look after yourself properly.

To earn awards in the Social part of the Scheme you learn not only how to care for and look after yourself, but also how to become helpful at home and to other people and are encouraged to put what you have learned into practice. In doing this you become a better Boy to live with at home and in your neighbourhood.

The awards on this side are earned for attendance at Sunday School and Church and taking part in Church activities, in learning portions of the Bible, etc. In doing this you will learn of the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you and wants the very best for you. You will also learn how God can be a part of all your life and be able to see what He wants you to do for Him.

Some of these Achievements can be done at home, some at school, some at the Section Meeting. If you do any at home or at school, first ask your Officer for permission and get all the details of what has to be done, then ask Mum or Dad or your teacher to guide you. Once you have finished an Achievement, wherever it was done, ask your Officer to initial your Record Card for that Achievement.

The Badges
You will receive an armband on which to wear your Awards and also the Attendance Badges.

Attendance Badges: one for each year in juniors

Award Badges A Boy can achieve 4 award badges in Juniors.

  • In his first year in the Junior Section he can gain target  award.
  • in his second year he can gain his bronze award;
  • in his third, his silver award, and
  • in his fourth year his gold award.

Before you can wear the Gold Award you need to get achievements in each “side”, Educationally, Physically, Spiritually and Socially. This is such a fine “Achievement” that if you earn your Gold Award, you will be able to wear a very special badge when you move up into the Seniors.

Your Leader will give you your very own Achievement Record Card, which will tell you all the different things you can do. Some of these you will be able to work at by yourself, but for others your Leader or parents will have to help you.

The Juniors Service Badge

This is a Badge you will be awarded when you are transferred to Seniors if you have served in Juniors. You will be able to wear this as your first badge on your Seniors armband. If you have gained the Gold Award in Juniors you will be entitled to receive the Gold-coloured Service Badge.

If you start Juniors after your first year in primary school, it is possible to catch up on some badges – talk to your Leader In Charge on what can be done.