The Boys’ Brigade Australia

Christian organization for Boys

The Boys’ Brigade Australia is advancing Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and Men by partnering with Churches. The program continues to evolve and innovate over time. To guide our focus on what is unique about BB from all other youth groups and activities we always come back to the original Object of the Movement.

Christian organization for Boys

What is Boys’ Brigade?

The Boys’ Brigade Australia is a uniformed Christian organization for Boys. The Brigade is about Advancing Christ’s Kingdom in the local community. By using trained leaders utilising ‘well oiled’ programs as a tool we are able to discipline and mentor each person in their journey towards faith and then on towards Christian maturity.

With is in mind each company or group meets usually on a week night in a local church or school hall and is part of a church’s life in the community. The company has three sub-groups called ‘sections’ seeking to cater to the specific developmental and social needs of each person within their age grouping.


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