Welcome to the Boys Brigade Australia

The Boys’ Brigade Australia is part of a worldwide network that has been successfully operating children and youth programs for 130 years.

Providing young people with a mix of fun, adventure and challenge, BB mentors and empowers each member to reach for their potential, building their resilience and enabling them to find their place in leading and impacting their world today and into the future.

With a Christian foundation, Boys’ Brigade has a proven track record for reaching out to the local community providing balanced 4-sided developmental programs (Physical, Spiritual, Educational and Social) for young people of all backgrounds, abilities and interests, BB broadens their horizons and skills with local, national and international recognition for their achievements.

Whether you are a young person, a parent, a church leader, a BB leader or a past member wanting to reconnect, this site has all you need to know about The Boys’ Brigade in the modern Australia today.

Refer to your state page, contact your state office, or the national office for contact information about local groups in your area. 

Local Groups

BB local groups (called Companies) meet weekly across Australia usually based in a church. Every group is different and has its own “flavour” depending on the interest of the leaders, the locality and the community of which they are a part. Each group wears a uniform as a sign of belonging to the group.

The networking of groups also gives opportunity to provide young people with adventures, events, friendships and experiences only possible with the combined resources the wider organisation.

Brigade across the Globe –

The Boys Brigade Australia is part of a vast international network of youth organisations stretching across the globe with over 750 000 young people in 60 countries.

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