Citizenship Award

This Citizenship Award aims to develop valuable life skills from a Christian perspective in order to be an effective and valuable member of society as well as, like Jesus, engaging in ways to challenge it further to reflect God’s original dream for humanity. Jesus cares for us too much to leave us as we are.

Feel free to suggest other topics that might fit into the three broad areas of Relationships; Being Human; Practical Living. Assessment will be based upon increased knowledge and application of the knowledge gained.
You must be 15 BB Age to commence this award.

All Levels: at least 12 weeks study (at least 4 weeks on a topic from each of the following three areas):

Area Subarea Suggested topics
A: Relationships Active listening; Advocacy; Body Language; Bullying (online & real world); Conflict resolution; Constructively starting & ending relationships; Counselling; Cross-cultural; Empathy; Encouraging others; Influence; Mentoring; Peer expectations & pressure; Sustaining relationships; Teamwork; Technology & Social media.
B: Being human Family Adoption; Divorce; Domestic violence; Family units (nuclear and other forms); Marriage & De facto relationships; Parenting; Remaking families; Resolving family conflict; Understanding parents
Personal Anger management; Depression; Establishing personal values; Identifying priorities; Integrity; Handling grief; Loneliness; Mental health; Personal strengths; Popularity; Privacy; Rites of Passage (journey into maturity); Self-esteem; Setting personal limits; Sleep; Stress & relaxation; Suicide; Trauma; Using possessions wisely.
Sexual Attractions; Body image; Changes of adolescence (physical and emotional); Emotional aspects of relationships; Gender differences; Pornography; Sexual practices and behaviours; Sexual harassment; Sexualities (gay lesbian bisexual transgendered intersex); Singleness & Celibacy; Unwanted sex (including date rape)
Social Accommodating disability; Asylum seekers & refugees; Child abuse; Censorship; Community development; Discrimination (age, gender, racial, religious, etc); Drink spiking; Drug and alcohol abuse & dependence; Environment; Ethical consumerism & fairtrade; Gambling; Genetic engineering; Homelessness; Immigration; Indigenous; Poverty; Power games; Social justice & inequalities; Slave trade; Terrorism.
C: Practical Living Financial Management Banking; Being a club treasurer; Insurance; Investment; Personal budgeting
Legal Matters Crime prevention; Judicial system; Juvenile rights; Piracy
Other Car/Bike maintenance; Community development; Driving/Riding and its responsibilities; Home ownership & maintenance; Preparation for employment; Renting; Study skills; Time management
Government Activism; Transparency; Privacy; Alternative political systems; The Constitution; National Government; State Government; Local Government; Meeting procedures, Public speaking