Reconnect with BBA

Do you want to re-connect with Boys’ Brigade Australia? No matter where you were involved, we will do our best to reconnect you.

There are 3 different ways we can help, in particular reconnecting you:

  • As a leader
  • With past members by joining Stedfast
  • With your old company

Thinking of getting back into Uniform as a leader

Volunteer some time to a local Brigade Group as a leader.

Stedfast Association

The Stedfast Association is for past members (Boys and leaders) along with serving Officers, friends and supporters of The Boys’ Brigade. Each branch is fully autonomous, electing its own Office Bearers and organising its own diverse activities.

Our aim is to further the object of The Boys’ Brigade and to foster the spirit of comradeship between past and present members of the Brigade, and to render service to others.

History: Stedfast was launched originally at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in May 1983 (The Boys’ Brigade Centenary Year), and initially it existed for ‘Old Boys’ and supporters of β€˜The Boys’ Brigade’ to keep in touch and provide practical support and assistance.

Since then it has expanded into an international organisation with many thousands of members worldwide. Countless new friendships have been made and many international links formed through Stedfast.

Who can join the Stedfast Assocation?

All Old Boys, Ex Officers, Currently Serving Officers, Friends and Supporters. Many serving Officers find their membership a valuable extra dimension to their ‘BB’ work. 

Many of our members are ladies who past leaders and wives and partners of past male leaders.

Stedfast Branches

Stedfast branches in Australia operate currently operate in NSW and Queensland. For contact and event details, please select:

  • More details soon

Reconnecting with your old company:

Please Contact BB with the following information, and we’ll do our best to re-connect you.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Your Location / State
  • Name of the old Company/Companies you were connected with
  • Additional Message