Leaders Questions and Answers

How are new Boys’ Brigade leaders appointed?

At the local (group level) all leaders and helpers are selected, appointed and supervised by the local organisation in accordance with the procedures adopted by that organisation. This is a fairly unique situation for Boys’ Brigade in that all local company leaders are appointed by the local church where the company is situated. Therefore Boys’ Brigade can only register a trained leader on the advice and approval of the local church.  Some churches may have additional consitions to be fulfilled before you are able to take up a leadership role. This is perfectly understandable as the local church has the prime responsibility and accountability for the appointment of leaders in a local company.

Brigade State/Territory administrations partner with the church in the training, registration, and support of BB leaders.

Length of Registration

Boys’ Brigade Australia policy requires that all registered leaders be re-registered every 3 years.

At a minimum, leaders are required to attend a course in Boys’ Brigade Australia Safe Environments policies and procedures, and seek renewal of the approval of the local church where they serve in Company and a current police check clearance as appropriate for the State/Territory.

Register of Leaders

Leader registrations are managed by the State/Terriroty administration. Registration is not transferable between companies without approval by the new host church.

What are the categories of BB Leader?

BBA through its Safe Environments policy makes the distinction that there are several categories of BB leaders across Australia.

  • Registered Leaders – These leaders (we call them Officers) have completed the leader training provided by the state administration level and are approved by the local church as a worthy person to be leading boys and are registered with the state office of BBA.  Registered leaders are required to abide by the BBA Code of Conduct.
  • Leaders-in-training – These leaders (Warrant Officers) are in training and will move into full leadership as registered Officers
  • Non-registered Leaders – Parents and others who assist in the leadership team on an ongoing basis but have not completed the formal BB training are referred to as Assistants or Helpers.  These leaders must appointed according to the leadership appointment process of the parent church or organisation.

Registered Officers in the Company are appointed as:

  • Captain – the team leader having oversight of all sections and responsible to the church for the running of the Company
  • Lieutenant – all other team membersregistered
  • Chaplain – often the pastor of the church or a mature lay person appointed by the congregation to this role

Leaders transferring from one company to another

A Leader or Helper from one Boys’ Brigade group should not be automatically accepted as a leader in another local group.  Leaders moving from one group to another must fulfill the leadership appointment process of the new parent church or organisation.
Leaders can retain their registration while they operate in the company. Registration is not transferable between companies without approval and appointment by the new host church.

Staff Sergeant

Any suitable young man who has reached the age limit for Seniors section (age 18) may be appointed to this rank to assist in the running of the company. They may serve as Staff Sergeants until the end of the year they turn 19 years of age. Hopefully this will be a pathway to becoming a fully trained leader (Officer).
Staff sergeants are leaders within the Company and not eligible to gain any Senior Section awards.
However they can continue working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award either as a Staff Sergeant or as an Officer until their 25th birthday.

Section OIC

Most Companies have an Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of each section in the Company (Anchors, Juniors and Seniors). These are usually appointed by the Captain with the endorsement of the section leader team.

Working with Children checks

All volunteers (unless exempt*) working in Boys’ Brigade groups must have a “Working With Children” check, as prescribed by the State authority, before they start volunteering in any area of youth related activity, regardless of how often they come in contact with children and young people. Refer to the BB State administration for guidance on the specific requirements in that State or Territory.