The BB Record Rampage

The BB Record Rampage is an event where you can:

  1. Invite new boys and their families to a fun BB night and introduce them to the BB Program.
  2. Invite the families of your current boys, including those who have been and may not yet have returned to BB.
  3. Invite your church leadership and church family and let them see the BB program in action and remind them that BB is a vital ministry of your church.
  4. Create awareness and interest in BB

It’s a great opportunity to introduce the concept of BB to families and the community and to also show the church family what BB is about. It’s also an opportunity for your non church families to connect with your church families. It opens the door for you to be able to invite your BB families to other church events.

BB Record Rampage will be held from the 28th February to 21st May. Companies can choose the night on which they have this event within the time frame.
How Companies run this event is up to them, but BBA encourages including some typical BB activities to showcase a typical BB night such as parade, devotions and some games.
To make the night special, we suggest a free sausage sizzle or supper as well.

The Competition Events: Register there
The BB Record Rampage is a competition on a massive scale. We hope they are achievable for Companies of all sizes. You can choose to enter one, two or all three categories.

The Prizes:
Each of the three Competition Events has a prize for the winner of $400.
Three other prizes valued at $100 will be awarded to worthy contenders on whatever the BBA Marketing Committee deems – perhaps who had the most fun, the most creative or best dressed.

Entries must be submitted by May 21st, 2022 via this link.(Only Registered Officers can upload results)
Entries must include photos and/or video of the activity.
The filename of the upload photos/video must contain the name of the company.
Photos and videos will be used on social media and BB websites and it will be considered that all those in the photos have given permission for public use of images.