Rampage Results – 1st Warwick Coy

Overall night was very successful. Lots of parents stayed for the night.Spaghetti tower probably challenge was probably a fail, however lots of fun. Although our tower didn’t get very high, lots of boys and their parents had fun creating towers of their own.Coin line successfully raised lots of money.

Most people doing an activity was great. We chose to cook marshmallows over an open fire. Was a lot of fun, invited our neighbouring Girls Brigade company to help. Some of their parents also attended. Lots of great feedback on event.

I lead a big group devotion based around the BB object and Sir William Alexander Smith and how I believe he came up with the object. He drew on the Bible and his knowledge of Jesus and the life he lived. Jesus exemplified the traits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline and Self-Respect and was a true Christian man. Something we can all look to and follow.Overall very successful event and well received.